Dining Etiquettes

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Dining Etiquettes



A few general etiquettes that can add to our dining experiences and those dining with us:

Dropped items when dining. Don’t pick it up. Tell the waiter who will retrieve the item and replace it. There is one exception to this rule – for when something has fallen in the path of traffic.

Unclean flatware or glassware. Discreetly tell the waiter to replace the item. Don’t try to clean it yourself or announce it to the table.

Hair in your food. Don’t eat or drink the food or beverage. Inform the waiter. If waiting for a replacement dish, ask the other guests to continue to eat.

Food on someone’s face. Discretely inform the person with food on their face.They will appreciate it.

Food in your teeth. Excuse yourself and remove the item away from the table.

Spills. Apologize and signal the waiter if the beverage is wine.Spills may happen don’t need to feel guilty, there’s more to the experience. 

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