4The Magik Mirror Needs, Life-style, Personal Style Analysis

This consultation will help you discover, define, and develop your unique style. After filling out assessment tools based on your personality, lifestyle, goals, preferences, and physicality, we’ll identify the image styles that best suit your professional, social and vacation situations. Then we formulate a plan to develop a look that reflects your true inner mirror image, to project your best inside- out for the world to see.

The Magik Mirror Color Analysis


How to look your best by wearing your best colors through visual tools, also using your skin, eye and hair tones we will give you ideas on how to combine your colors, your personal color contrast, how to choose prints and patterns that blend with your palette, and which fabric textures best flatter you. 

The Magik Mirror Body Fit & Shape Analysis


By understanding your body shape and composition we aid you in recognizing best clothing styles and accessories for your figure. We wi analyze your body shape by few measurements and discuss your figure variations.

Based on this we make recommendations for specific garment features, proportions and construction details to consider when selecting new wardrobe pieces.

Magik Wardrobe Organization & Evaluation


How do you feel every time you open your Almirah? Are your clothes arranged so that you can find what you need? Do you have the proper hangers and storage for your clothes and accessories?

We create an order to align the most of your existing wardrobe, to help you see the items. This includes weeding out worn, outdated, ill fitting, or the impulse purchase to be mended, donated or gifted to a worthy wearer.

Based on a budget, a shopping list of items to be purchased is made to complete your wardrobe clusters. 

The Magik Mirror Stylist Session


We go shopping in your closet and make some great new outfits out of what you already have. We can chart or take pictures of these outfits to remember. We can also make a list of accessories and other pieces you may need to shop. It is amazing to know what a fresh pair of eyes can find in your closet!

Magik Mirror Travel Wardrobe


Planning a vacation or business trip? Create a travel wardrobe that will help you look appropriate and very best in any situation.

Live Shopping Tuition or Companion


Have an objective set of eyes along for your next shopping trip within the local area to help you pick the flattering styles or teach you what to look n shop for.

Personal Shopping Angel


Don’t have time to shop? I can do it for you! I can source things via local shops, the Internet or my personal magik.



Royal Wedding (Bride n Groom) Clinik

Need & Style Analysis

Fit & Body Shape Analysis

Colour Analysis

Grooming Sessions

Wine & Dine Etiquettes

Hair, Make-Up & Skincare Know-hows

Personal Shopping

Cinderella’s (Image styling) Clinik

Need & Style Analysis

Fit & Body Shape Analysis

Colour Analysis

Grooming Sessions

 Dining Etiquettes

Body Language & Communication Skills

Hair, Make-Up & Skincare Know-hows

Personal Shopping

Fit, Fashion & Colour Clinik

Need & Style Analysis

Fit & Body Shape Analysis

Colour Analysis


Wardrobe Evaluation

Closet Re-organization

Cluster Management

Shopping List for Wardrobe re-organization

Clutter Psychology

Live Shopping Tuition

*Derobe definition in urban dictionary -To disrobe just in a discrete way, so they almost not notice it.

My Face Clinik

Face & Shape Evaluation

Skincare Essentials

Face-Pack Know-hows

 Art of Personal Face Make-Up

Hair-care Tips

Snow-White n Seven-Dwarfs Clinik

Duration- 7 hours

Fee: Rs. 8000/- (with live shopping tuition Rs.10,000/- of 1.5-2 hours).Payment is accepted in 2 installments also.

This package is to be opted if:

  1. 1.     You have financial constraints.
  2. 2.     You have shortage of time.
  3. 3.     You are constantly travelling and can’t devote time in attending 7-10.
  4. 4.     You want to try what image consulting is all about and then upgrade to a full package.
  5. 5.     You are a graduate or an under-graduate.

This package includes:

Perception Gap Assessment—to be filled by the client

Style evaluation—this would include several exercises to understand client thoroughly

Quick reference guide on:

Style options

Colour options

Fabric & pattern options

Design details

Women’s basic Cluster plan

Brief Wardrobe Evaluation

Quality clothes and garment construction

Body and face general evaluation through naked eye

General Colour and Contrast Analysis

Grooming and body Language

Stress Management