The Magik Mirror


“Mirror-Mirror on the wall …… what do you see?

  I see a beautiful human being staring right back at me.”


We use a Mirror everyday to reflect our physical self before we step out into the world and during the day to realign the projection of our image.

Keeping in mind that the mirror only reflects what is truly before it, so whatever we view is currently the reflection of not only an image or persona but also the broadband wavelength our thoughts and action that maketh it.   

In order for a mirror to cast a reflection it requires Light—symbolically and literally. Light represents Illumination, Awareness, Knowledge and Wisdom. Therefore, in order to evaluate the world created around us and ourselves, we must view our current reflection with an open mind.

As Evolved beings, we have both the ability and responsibility to change our personal, mental and inner reflections. The Magik Mirror helps and enables you in your journey to decode these reflections and messages in your personal mirror.

For, ‘The vessel must display its true character to be worthy of its value.’