Why we need Image consulting?

Everyone requires Image Consulting from time to time while most seek counsel in different forms. Some seek your advice on an individual basis, others make a group or corporate approach, yet others refresh themselves with a workshop.

The profession of image consulting is similar to that of interior designing. He/she brings multitude of elements like carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, painting, furniture, fittings and furnishings together in harmony. An image consultant too brings together the multiple facets of fashion design, styling, beauty, grooming, weight management, etiquette and body language, soft skills, and more to project an authentic and appealing image while incorporating the client’s personal style, goals and budget.

Why do people seek the services of an Image Consultant?

The answer lies in their inability to answer the following questions:

  • How do I build an effective wardrobe to project the desired image on each occasion?
  • How do I manifest my inner self –before, during and after a special occasion like a marriage?
  • Do my body language, grooming and vocal communication project confidence and capability?
  • How do we create a corporate identity that enhances the corporate image?
  • How do I project the right image at the interview?
  • How do I project the right image that enhances people’s perception of me as more than a homemaker?